Glimmer The Dog

As Required By Law...


Are Vineyard Dogs required by law?  It is not entirely clear, but their universality in Oregon convinces us that it must be so.  We chose Glimmer, the Irish Terrier, specifically to match our red soils, and thus be at harmony with nature.  No, we actually didn't.  She's simply an amazing dog, and loves her job patrolling the vineyard.

Natural Bird Control!


Birds can be a real problem for vineyards, as grapes are essentially meant to be eaten by birds and other wild creatures.  A variety of more or less unsatisfactory solutions to discourage birds are employed around the world.

Possibly the best, though rarely seen, solution is a dog.  Birds never get used to the threat posed by dogs like they do various "scare" methods.  Many dogs adore chasing birds, and unlike a falcon who will sleep for a good while after catching one bird, dogs will keep at the task.  

Glimmer rarely, if ever, catches a bird, but she's small and agile enough to jump between rows, and persistent enough to keep the pressure on them.  A tireless runner, she disrupts birds feeding on grapes for hours at a time, encouraging them to go elsewhere for a meal.  An ideal natural solution.

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