The Wine - 2019



2019, our fifth pick, is home and dry (wine)!

The spring began with early, dry, warmth but that was followed by cold rains mid-season. This happened right at flowering for most of our clones, and thus the vineyard set lightly. Quality was excellent, however, with little to none of the disease pressures seen in other parts of the valley present.

Harvest came upon us on a cold and foggy day, but the fruit came off in good shape, despite long-running battles between Glimmer The Dog and The Birds.

It seems impossible that this should mark the fifth time we've picked grapes from our Home Block, but time marches onward.  We thank all our friends, old and new for taking this journey through the vineyard years with us.

The pictures to the side feature William and Lisa in 2016, and William and Lisa today.  Lisa is unchanged, but William? Wow!



The 2019s are heading for barrel now.  It's going to be another fine year, and we look forward to sampling barrels and blending the wines in upcoming months.  Come join us, we'd love to see you!

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