The Wine - 2016

Our Second Vintage




2016, our second pick is in barrel!

The vineyard picked out at just over three tons of fruit this year, with all clones contributing to the mix, but pommard predominant, due to the greater development of those vines.

The 2015 vintage sees its release on October 15, 2016.  It's an amazing showing from such young vines.



The year saw a moderate fruit set across the Willamette Valley, and we were no exception. The wines from the 2016 vintage look to be wonderful, and, possibly, scarce compared to 2014, and 2015.

Unlike many sites around, we saw the right flavor profile for whole cluster fermentation on about half of our pommard, with the ripe stems adding a fragrant cinnamon and sandalwood note to the wine.

It's all in barrel now, awaiting it's release next year.  We think it will be something to look forward to drinking!

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