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Sylvanus Estate is a small family vineyard located in the Yamhill-Carlton AVA of Oregon’s Willamette Valley.  It is the only vineyard situated in the unique microclimate of stunning Moores Valley.

Aspects are generally an ideal south by southeast, maximizing vital morning sun exposure.  Elevations are roughly 450ft to 700ft, and hold eight distinct soil series. The microclimate tends to be slightly cooler than many Yamhill-Carlton AVA vineyards, but with more days of sun, due to an unusual "cloud splitting" effect enjoyed by Moores Valley that often keeps it drier and warmer on rainy, or cloudy days.

The 25 acre site contains three distinct planting blocks.  The five acre "Home Block" was planted to pinot noir in 2013. It is situated on a gently sloping south-by-southeast exposure that maximizes morning sun.  It falls from the center of the land to the lowest point at the southeastern edge, and soil variations can be seen from the top to the bottom of its rows.

The next block to be planted, the western, or "Willow Pond Block", offers some great ground for white grapes, as well as a very different aspect for a smaller planting of pinot noir.

This is the last block to be planted, "The Walnut Grove Block" is in the north central part of Sylvanus Estate, with more slope and exposure.  Time will tell which pinot noir clones will be selected for what is possibly the best site on the land.

The Vines

Post Pruning

The five acre "Home Block" was planted in four clones of pinot noir in 2013 on 5' x 7' spacing.

There are two acres of the classic Oregon mainstay pinot noir clone, Pommard, and one acre each of 115, 777 and unusually, Mt Eden, a desirable heritage clone of mysterious French origin, showing enormous potential in the Willamette Valley.

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