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We've Gone Organic

Rinieri Weeder

Sylvanus Estate spent its 2020 quarantine growing season going organic, and we continue to farm organically.


Sylvanus Estate has always stressed a low-impact, sustainable, viticulture, and largely non-interventionist approach. In the 2020 growing season, we went fully organic, and will be seeking certification for our farming practices.

In addition to organic, sustainable practices, we've added a fun new tool for controlling weeds, pictured to the left. This mad machine solves a difficult problem - controlling undervine weeds, without spraying or hand-hoeing.



We've long been able to mechanically control weeds in the rows, but not under the vines. Now we can. Check out the above video and enjoy the snazzy royalty-free music.

We are committed to making the best wine, the best way.

Growing Pinot Noir

(C) Sylvanus Estate 2021

Pinot Noir is thought by many experts to be amongst the most challenging, yet rewarding, of wine grapes. We can confirm both the challenge and the reward.

Sylvanus Estate does not believe Pinot Noir responds well to what might be described as hyper-controlling, highly interventionist, vineyard practices seen in some places. We do not grow to specific tonnages, yet we rarely have needed to drop clusters to insure full ripeness. Instead we have let the vineyard, and season, find its balance. Sometimes this means less fruit, sometimes (rarely) more. Our site is naturally low-yielding, and produces wine of exceptional interest, richness, and intensity.

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