The Wine - 2019

Number Six. No smoke.

Grapes ready for harvest. 2020
Grapes ready for harvest. 2020
Bins ready for grapes.
Off the vine!

2020 our sixth (sixth!) vintage is in bottle now.

The story of 2020 was a difficult one in the vineyard, as it was elsewhere.

The season itself was lovely, almost perfect. We started out warm, but then cooled into truly ideal growing conditions as the hundred days wore on.  Conditions were dry, but well-rooted grapevines don't mind that much, and our cool westerly winds at sunset balanced out the warm days.


Then the terrible fires broke out in Oregon and Washington around harvest time. Many Oregon vineyards suffered badly from smoke damage. Some didn't even pick their fruit, but sadly left the season's work hanging on the vine.

Sylvanus Estate was fortunate.  We were able to conduct a microferment, and test for smoke contaminants just before we were set to pick. The results came back perfect. Our harvest was on.

We like to say our little valley, and its mesoclimate are different from any other site. 2020 proved it to be so. Sylvanus was blessedly smoke-free in 2020.


The 2020s are in bottle now.  It could be our best vintage yet! Smoke-taint free and delicious. The vineyard is showing a new level of complexity and nuance as it matures. We'd love to share these wines with you.

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